Here's my bike still in the packaging somewhere between the warehouse and my house to possibly be delivered on 11/11/ 2015
{ppcode}So far I bought the 10" wheels and they look good, I don't see many with 10" so am I breaking trail? Only one tire showed up and I thought there would be two so that is a problem, and I bought the wrong brakes (the cheapest ones) and they don't fit the wheels so they can go back. Other than that I'm having a good time!
{ppcode}I look at all the motors and most seem to be clones or old yard work engines. I found a new Briggs 950 for a good price so I want to try that. I live not far from the Briggs factory so it's kind of patriotic in these parts to own Briggs stuff. I haven't seen a 950 on other bikes so am I breaking trail again?
{ppcode}Oh I forgot to mention, as a boy Dad bought us a Fox Mini bike, and it was blue with white fenders and stripes on it and probably a 3-4 HP Briggs motor. We wore out the grass in the yard and I ran it into the clothesline post and bent the forks and it disappeared not long after that?

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