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you may have to hunt down and buy old frames just for parts. I had to do that. 1 frame for a back wheel 1 for a driven, and a wing nut 1 for a seat bracket, front forks and chain adjuster. I had threw out 4 chopped up frames and barely got enough parts for one bike. You might get lucky and pick up a throttle. Good luck
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Also got the 28" throttle cable, but sense ordering that, I found someone saying you can use the original throttle cable, but just hard solder a piece of .125'' copper tubing at the end to fit into the slide of the carb...
Hi Ted - The 60 tooth sprocket from GPS installed easily and has greatly improved the bike's off the line pulling power. I went ahead and ordered the "Fatty" exhaust from GoKartsUSA,along with an inverted Mikuni intake manifold. I have 170,175 and 180 main jets to try out. I'm about to order that Frisco Peanut 1.8 gal tank, but with the screw-in cap-seems like it would be more sturdy than the old style bayonet -
Glad that the 60 tooth worked for you. With my 50 tooth, I have to be careful that I don't launch the bike from a start.