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    Bump. Still looking. Thanks.
  • EVOL Tweety Bird
    EVOL Tweety Bird replied to the thread Self taping bolt Sizes.
    1/4" x 20 for the governor hole, 7/16" x 14 or 20 for the low oil sensor. Don't know about using a self tapper, you may end up with...
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    Mariah replied to the thread Winber 2019.
    The word parade is missing from the form this year so, maybe an outlaw cruise to K-Mart and back might happen instead (?)
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    Why is that sketchy? Looks like a new account and the kit didn't sell in a 7 day auction.
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    This bike is a BDM-mx1
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    I will try it this weekend and report back with pics! I have some scrap tubing
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    owend replied to the thread H30.
    Your welcome! Now of to the small engine store to get a couple of carb rebuild kits and see what else I can find.
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    Hey I spotted this while cleaning up the files in my PC tonight, from '73 I altered the photo a bit to fucous on the the bike like yours...
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    owend replied to the thread just finished !.
    Bike turned out awesome!!!
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    Thanks Owen!
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    Thanks Markus! I looked at about 10 different colors of gray and finally found the right one. It is Duplicolor Graphite wheel paint. #...
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    Bricktoter replied to the thread Sherpa.
    Cleaned everything up! All looks to be in great condition... will reassemble tomorrow.... and fix both flat tires
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    hello,those are called extensions i just bought 3 of them,your talking about if you took off the electric starter you want to cover the...
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    Thanks for the info Joe, Markus hooked me up!
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    PM sent