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    Vintage Ruttman

    Did any of the basic no suspension,non washer Ruttmans have the single piece tubing foot peg,and if so what year and model would that of been ?
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    Is this an ARCO ez rider?

    I have a green one same model as yours.
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    I may be interested in your orange roller as trade if you could pm me a few pics.

    I may be interested in your orange roller as trade if you could pm me a few pics.
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    Looking for 5 hp b&s 1970's vintage engine

    Where are you located ?
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    Duster Chopper clutch cover chainguard

    No problem. Give me a few days to look I may even have an extra correct original metal one not really for sale but may consider trade.
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    Duster Chopper clutch cover chainguard

    Wow...very nice looking original duster. If you don't find an original metal cat duster chrome long chain guard/clutch cover,I have an original one I could send and lend you to use to make/have a copy made of one.
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    Wanted: Roller in New England area

    I have a lil indian 600 frame with fork not that great but would be a good start. PM me if interested.
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    1969 Bird Mini Bike Forks And Questions.

    For starters I would probably get the frame sandblasted then go from there. I'm pretty sure I actually have one of those frames with front end forks you could have for $50 plus the shipping if interested let me know and I will look to be certain.
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    Probably originally would of been a 3.5 hp Tecumseh. If you don't find the original engine I can pm you the numbers from one of my original engines so you know what to be in search of.
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    Old Tecumseh model ID and age ?

    Any idea as to what it was originally on...tiller,reel mower,edger etc? I have what I think is to be around a 1963 ish engine that I think is probably a lauson.
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    It sold.
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    Help me ID my find #2

    Posted for sale today on Mini Bikes Only.
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    SPORT KING recently listed in New Hudson,MI looks pretty decent and fairly complete $500 obo (not mine)
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    Alexander and Reynolds Mini Bike

    I have an all original unrestored arco metallic green chopper and the engine is silver on it.