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    El burro wheel advice

    Thanks! Your bike looks awesome.
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    El burro wheel advice

    Sorry to jump in on your thread but what's the best front & rear wheel/tire,sprocket set up with brand,part #'s etc to do this swap for on an El Burro ?
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    Some people just don't get it or just don't care.

    Most people now days just don't seem to care. In my opinion people should honor their word on giving you 1st chance etc. Myself,if I say I will meet you at 4 am in the morning I'm there. I may be 5 minutes early or 5 minutes late but I'm there.
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    Need Mini Bike Transported From Sudbury Ontario/Toronto Canada To Pittsburgh/Windber Pennsylvania

    Need mini bike transported from Sudbury or Toronto area of Canada to Pittsburgh or Windber,PA area or at least getting it into the US somewhere around Buffalo,NY or northern Michigan. Willing to pay a fair price to someone on here that may be able to help me out with this. Thanks in advance!
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    Wanted: Kawasaki Coyote MB-1A Recoil Starter Assembly

    I need the recoil pull start assembly,a front wheel,fork assembly,fenders,misc. engine parts,and several other misc. parts also. Not sure what happened at your end but I assume that is the bike I was going to buy from you a good while back that someone you knew was going to be able to bring it...
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    Wanted: Kawasaki Coyote MB-1A Recoil Starter Assembly

    Still looking. Fair price paid based on condition. Thanks!
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    Barn Find!

    Wow...great find!
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    Lil Indain 2 speed parts

    Looks great! I'm still interested. Are you also going to have everything else to complete the 2 speed set up or what all else will you have available and pricing ?
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    Help With Removing Spray Paint From Fiberglass

    If that does not work well enough for you another option would be to wet sand it then buff in the same stages I mentioned in my earlier post reply. I'd probably use somewhere around 1000 grit for that using a flat sponge type color sanding pad by hand keeping it very wet with a water spray...
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    Help With Removing Spray Paint From Fiberglass

    I agree with Manchester...ez-off oven cleaner rinse well then power buff slowly/lightly with a slow speed power buffer (so you don't burn the finish) and fast cut buffing compound,then medium cut buffing compound then hand rub with final finish etc. Keep the pad slightly damp with a water spray...
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    Wanted: Kawasaki Coyote MB-1A Recoil Starter Assembly

    I need it for the 134cc 4 stroke version engine. Please PM me the details if you have one or know of someone that may have one. Complete,incomplete,and or parts etc to be able to piece one together. Thanks!
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    Tecumseh HS40 Are the cheap Tecumseh Ebay carbs any good?

    I've had 4 on HS40's and 1 on a HS50 all within the past year and so far no problems. They seem ok for an every day rider but I probably would prefer an original rebuilt or NOS for on a bike that's been totally restored.
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    WTB-Glenco Mini Bike/Scooter-

    Still looking.
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    Sears Roper Trail Tamer rebuild

    Bike turned out great!
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    WTB-Glenco Mini Bike/Scooter-

    I'm still looking for a Glenco.