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    Anyone put a kick stand on a vintage Azusa?

    IDK, maybe the kickstand that Azusa sells for their mini bikes?
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    Ok...where would I find this?

    If you can find the smaller cable in the length you need locally, cut off a 3/8” section of a 3/8” grade 5 bolt, drill a small hole in it for the cable, then drill it out half way to 1/4” for the barrel end. I would see if I could find a ball end cable first or grind the barrel so it’s round if...
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    Ruttman Toad

    I just sold a chopped 67 Lil Indian frame on eBay. One side of me hates seeing what would have been a nice frame get trashed and the other side would like to think that it makes my others worth more if there’s less of them out there.
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    Tires balloon while going past 60?

    I watched one of those videos where the guy did like 83, I was thinking yeah right but he had the GPS going the whole time. It was a MM-80 with those 10” AZUSA steel wheels and scooter tires. I don’t remember what sprockets he was running but it had a torque converter on it, he kept shredding...
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    Ruttman Toad

    What really kills me is, it’s the same people that complain about the prices of this old iron that will buy ANYTHING Go Power Sports tells them they’ll need to make their CT200 go 60Mph. Even if it cost them $1,000.00
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    Baja db30 axle set

    If you are using an actual Baja DB30 front rim, the spacers are 54mm and 83mm, the original wheel hubs are offset. Most retailers offer rims that will fit but what they don't tell you is, the offset is more than likely different and will require new spacers. Motovox, Coleman, Moster Moto and...
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    Motor advice - Bad dog Gigantic

    The only thing that ticks me off with Tillotson is they keep changing/discontinuing their engines and parts. By the time I got my 225 they were already selling their 228, then their 236 popped up shortly after. This would be great and all if they still supported the previous models but the...
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    Ruttman Toad

    Although I didn't really have the cash for it after buying the orange bike, I couldn't stand the thought of it going to someone else. What people don't seem to understand is, "nicer" stuff comes with a "nicer" price too. The days of finding those $50 barn fresh yard sale deals is pretty much a...
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    I have been away for a while.

    Just a heads up, eBay is changing their policies come May 21st. after that you'll have to file a 1099 tax form. I guess since COVID and all the people out of work, selling stuff on eBay, the tax man HAS to get their cut. Anyhow, we all look forward to what you'll be listing, I sure do love them...
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    Ok...where would I find this?

    There's a place by me in Michigan who would make any cable you needed, don't know if they still do,
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    Ruttman Toad

    It may not be a bucket list bike to most but I have been wanting a "Real" Toad for some time. About two weeks ago, I picked up a Vulture roller from Market Place that had been repainted orange. I was almost satisfied due to not being purple and the lack of fenders, it was pretty much a Toad...
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    Facebook Marketplace Lockout

    FaceBook blows!, they suspended me when one of our followers threatened another member and I blocked that follower. I guess he was butthurt and reported me, I just disagreed with their stupid policy violation BS and I was up and running the next day. Later they said that I was in violation for...
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    Ok...where would I find this?

    Yes, they are called slip barrels, you may have to modify the barrel that comes on the cable to fit it though as this type is mainly used for adapting ball end cables to 3/8" barrel ends. The smaller end cables are also smaller wire so keep that in mind too.
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    Baja db30 axle set

    The front axle is 12x230mm and the rear is 12x240mm, if you do an ebay search for those size axles, you'll find them as it's a common size for pit bikes too.
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    The "What were they thinking!!?" Seat Thread

    For the best mini bike seat in the whole wide world, it's my pillow... dot com.