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    Go Kart Cycle Big Bear Scrambler

    Darn You @markus, I was watching that for the driven pulley, didn't think anybody would find it!. I sent them a message asking if they had the wheel or brake parts, they said if they could find them they would put them in the auction, I guess they didn't find them.
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    Went for a ride in the Snow

    Your daughters DB30?, MmmmmHmmmm, I think that's why we have kids, so we can play with their toys.
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    Vintage Minibike H25 Tecumseh

    At $300 they can keep it!, Very Nice, yeah right!. I wonder why the threaded pipe exhaust has a flange?, no threads in the block probably or else it would be threaded in. I expect this ugly thing to clutter up eBay for a long time!.
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    Go Kart Cycle Big Bear Scrambler

    Yep, super rare to find one, let alone one as complete as this one is.
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    WTB Huffy Hustler parts

    Allied had it cheaper even with shipping, thanks @markus, still on the hunt for any extras anybody else has, I sure would love to find me a hardtail frame too but that may be asking too much, LOL :)
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    WTB Huffy Hustler parts

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    Those are cool!, they sure have some neat stuff there in Cananada. Too bad that a one man operation can't keep their doors open due to lawsuits nowadays. People wonder why everything comes from China, if they would stop suing the little guys trying to make a living in their home country and...
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    Lil indian Seat

    Nope, I sent him a PM a while back, it's sold.
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    Need help finding an engine

    They actually make a small diesel based off the Honda GX series, they are hard to find nowadays due to the stricter EPA regulations. They are known as 168F diesel and mostly sold directly through Chinese distributors so watch the shipping costs, they're usually more than the product. There was a...
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    Happy Birthday "Ond"

    More importantly, what did you buy yourself for you B-Day, Hmmmmm?, have a great birthday Eric!
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    Go Kart Cycle Big Bear Scrambler

    If he only knew I would have gave him at least $1,000.00 more for it, he wouldn't stop kicking himself in the butt for days. I find it odd that nobody here bought it or else they would have posted about it. Those bikes aren't just something someone buys for their grandchildren to run around the...
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    First Taco 1966, #001

    As odd as it may seem about the serial#, I believe him, he's a great guy to deal with and went way out of his way for me. He has some real vintage stuff that he has sold over the last few months at reasonable prices. The only thing that struck me odd was he didn't know what a lot of it was...
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    First Taco 1966, #001

    I was talking to him awhile back about it but I don't recall him saying where he got it. It just sold for $428, kind of a bummer, I would have thought it would bring more $$$ but it seems like the crazy mini bike prices are dwindling. I did buy an old rusty Ruttman washer frame from him, I think...
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    Go Kart Cycle Big Bear Scrambler

    Missed the boat on this one, I figured I would post it here anyway so the pictures could be referenced. It was on Offerup in Lenmoore, CA last year for $500, I wonder who got it?.
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    First Taco 1966, #001

    That's minibikephils, great person to deal with, I don't know why it's not here in the classifieds too.