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    Wanted: Manco sprocket and complete brake set up for Trail Cat

    Looking for a sprocket and complete brake set up for a Manco Trail Cat. Preferably in nice condition. Cash or trade. Thanks in advance! Greg #FYB
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    WANTED: Cat Duster clutch cover in nice condition. Top $$ paid.

    A really old thread, over 3 years ago. Found a few but used 1 and then sold the rest a few years ago. A very hard item for collectors to part with. Good Luck. Greg
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    New find...

    Definitely a Barris Super Stocker. We own a few of the Super Stocker models and a "few" other Barris bikes. 10 or 11. You can email me direct if you need any help with where to get the parts if looking to restore it or if you need any reference on it. Send me an email: Greg
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    MINI BIKE FRAME What is it?

    What information are you looking for? We are lucky to own 10 Barris bikes. Email me at as too what info you need and i will help you out as much as possible. Greg I have plenty of photos for reference.
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    Wanted: Information on a GB Python go kart??

    Looking for a George Barris built and sold go kart. I believe it was called a Python but not 100% sure. I am searching for the magazine advertisement i saw it in a few years back. Was made around the same time he make his mini bikes. 1969 to 1971ish. Greatly appreciate any help. Please send me...
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    Manco Trail Cat intact or parts. Gas tank.

    Looking to buy a Manco Trail Cat complete or roller. Also looking for a clean gas tank for it. Believe it is the same tank from a Puddle jumper Please let me know what you have. Please send it in Private message. Thank you in advance!
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    better response if posted in Wanted section.
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    Stellar Mini Bike?

    Your model is just the Compact. The sissy bar model was the Compact Deluxe. #FYB
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    Stellar Mini Bike?

    The Compact you have did not come with a sissy bar. That was the L300 model that had a 4" front wheel and a 6" rear wheel. Compacts were black and red/ or blue and green. I will look up exact model you have and post in a few. We own 7 different model Stellar bikes. You can email me direct if...
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    Trying to identify this gem

    Stellar made on Long Island NY. Tank alone is worth Big Bucks! Nice find!
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    Wanted: Clean Thomas and Co. front wheel 6" Sell/ trade?

    Hello, In search of a clean Thomas and Co front wheel. Must be intact and straight. Please send photos and price to Thanks in advance. Thanks OldMiniBikes. Hope everyone is safe during this craziness!
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    Reproduction Feedback Wanted

    Thread was from 2017.
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    Comet III Chopper mini bike wanted

    There is one local on Long Island. Do not think it is for sale but i will inquire and let you know. We owned it and sold it about 2 years ago. If he wants to sell it i will forward you the number.
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    Oley PA Mini Bike Show Swap and Ride May 8,9th 2020

    Yes Charlie. Riding is permitted. Must wear a helmet this year. You can ride the grounds, dirt drag racing and other mini bike games. We were there last year and had a nice time. Going for both days again this year.