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    ACME frame and fork new

    Email sent!
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    WTB: 19x7-8 tires

    Prefer a street tread but open to anything. The ones on my bike are cracked and I'd prefer not to pay new prices for a set. Anyone have some?
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    New (to me) Baja Warrior - Fixing Previous Owner problems

    Hi all, Picked up this Baja Warrior today form an old collector. Frame and such is in decent enough shape but the drivetrain is a bit of a mess. Pictures first: Let's focus on the driveline. It has a 6.5hp Subaru/Robin engine on it. Previous owner said the carb "is bad", and...
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    Newbie with a roller frame in good shape!

    Does anyone have any idea what all the attachments at the front of the frame would be for? Nothing comes to mind. Also, when I took the front wheel off the front suspension forks sit at an angle, meaning i have to twist them to get them to be straight if i want to put the wheel back on. Is...
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    Newbie with a roller frame in good shape!

    Interesting! The frame looks slightly different (cutout engine mount plate vs solid one and narrower top tubes) but I would bet it's just some annual variation of it. Happy to have an idea of what I've got my hands on!
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    Newbie with a roller frame in good shape!

    Picked this up today, putting a Predator 212cc on it, hence the pictures. Fits it great because the top bars are so widely spaced. It's a fairly large mini bike and has some neat removable handlebars (see pics). Unfortunately, the handlebars are slightly bent/creased, so I may have to make a...