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    Bonanza Hodaka ACE 100 engine in a box (e-code)

    I have an E-Code engine disassembled and packed up in a box. I think it's all there but I'm not expert on these. I bought it like this with intentions of rebuilding it, but have since lost interest in the project. It's been sitting in a box in my office for about 2 years now and needs to find a...
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    Cat Switch Plate

    That switch is wrong. It's supposed to be a single pole. Not really a big deal, but at that price, the details matter
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    Cat Switch Plate

    someone finally repopped some, eh? That's great to see
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    What model is this?

    don't worry, I think it's safe to say Markus almost always gives the best answers :D
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    Parting out a Complete Cat All American Slingshot

    Sorry, all this is left from are the wheels/sprocket and axles.
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    Gilson Two Speed Survivor

    This one is sold. It managed to find its way back to Wisconsin
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    Anyone done a gopowersports rascal kit?

    Normally, I feel the same way, but those guys put those bikes through hell and they hold up well
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    Where can I find super bronco mini parts from

    That depends on if he's looking for Broncco parts or Heald Super Bronc parts. Either way, the correct spelling will help.
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    Is mini bike/minibike one word or two?

    I recently noticed that Ebay no longer discriminates mini bike from minibike in search results. I almost always make it two words when i create listings In this ad (and almost all other LI ads I've seen), they hyphenated it -- lol of course it's in the middle :D Rupp also used the...
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    Parting out a Complete Cat All American Slingshot

    Yes, but it's cracked pretty badly. I wouldn't use it. Make an offer on the wheels/axles/sprocket
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    Some JCPenney Duster expert knowledege needed ...Please Thankyou

    It looks like it follows the same angle as the back of the seat
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    Bonanza California Kart decals

    I have two of these decals available. $25 each or $45 for both. Price includes shipping
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    What kind is this?

    Sometimes it's weird to see how much they changed their designs over the year while keeping a lot of the details the same. I knew it was an ARCO. It was just a matter of figuring out which era it was from.
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    What kind is this?

    Pretty sure it's one of these