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    ** Happy Birthday Outlaw Ace **

    Happy Birthday.
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    Honda ct70 trail

    There is also a facebook page for ct70s, lot of helpful guys on there.
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    Honda ct70 trail

    I think you got a good deal, did you get a title? If not, you can get one thru Vermont, and eventually get it plated.
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    Honda ct70 trail

    you can try to get the motor going, or even put a lifan, or pirahana motor on it.
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    Honda ct70 trail

    you can get all kinds of parts on chp motorsports, and dratv
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    Happy Birthday Peekster

    Happy Birthday.
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    The Big Bully

    for myself, i am very greatful for this website, the way it is run, the mods, and most memebers. i do not post that often, but i stay logged on. at first i was like alot on here, a grown adult that never had a minibike as a kid, i have bought and sold a few in the past, now i do not own any...
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    another rupp on cl
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    Huffy Hustler mini bike Seat

    excellant, looks great.
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    "The find of a lifetime".Not(1)but(2)1968 Rupp TT500 One owner True survivors!!!!!!

    What a find, those are sweet. With a messed up back, I need a mini that rides like a caddilac.
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    Thoughts/prayers to Buckeye and Family

    Sorry for your loss.
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    rupps on cl
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    Happy Birthday Harleys Papa

    Happy Birthday.
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    Happy birthday 125ccCrazy

    Happy Birthday.