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    WANTED 6 inch Trail Horse steel wheels

    Looking for original 6 inch Trail Horse steel wheels to buy or trade for the 4 inch one's I have on the bike now...
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    HPE Cat Muskin

    The Eliminator has more rake to the forks...
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    The Official Tom Thumb and Micro Bike Thread

    Thanks, I saw the picture of the wheel and tire you posted and it's the same as the ones on 19honda69 ( Dave) tom thumb that is at my shop right now, so I can study it and use it for reference for the one I am going to build. I've searched high and low for things those wheel and tires might have...
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    The Official Tom Thumb and Micro Bike Thread

    Does anyone know what the wheels used on the original Tom thumb came on ? Hand truck ? Luggage cart ?
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    Bonanza BC1300

    Nice score....
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    Brake cable bracket Cat 400

    The one for a 400x is longer than the Eliminator one. Mine measures at 2 1/4 long from the bend to the end...
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    Joe's mini bike reunion

    I wonder why there has been no mention of this event on here? It happens tomorrow in La crescenta, Ca.
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    CAT wheel issue

    A muffler shop should be able to re-swag it down for you...
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    My Tecumseh muffler

    Thanks OND, I just copied the small one in a scaled up size....
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    CAT 300X Rear Wheel

    enginepowered on ebay has NOS wheels for sale...
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    Calling all CAT guys!!89403!US!-1
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    Calling all CAT guys!

    There's a nice chrome one on EBAY
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    Cat Mini bikes

    If I could only build one I would build the 400x.....
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    Muskin Cat Slingshot "all american" version

    I like how the fork spring is in the wrong place in the picture...