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    Tote goat model 600

    Where are you located?
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    Tecumseh Identification

    Is there numbers on the top of the fan shroud? These numbers are helpful for identifying. The bore looks good.
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    More saturday grabbs time to stop ?

    Yea, it doesn't take long before the hobby takes over the garage, sheds and starts moving into the living room :-). Nice scores!
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    VC460 mods

    I was looking for my next upgrade and contemplated porting a VC460, GX390, and/or Predator 420 head. I ended up watching a LOT of videos and took the plunge on mildly porting my VC460 head as well as installed 1.3:1 roller rockers. Off the line start it launches much harder, ~250 more RPM at WOT...
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    Handle bar diameter
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    Post a pic of your 1970 speedway mini bike

    Do you have pics of your Speedway collection?
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    Questions after torque converter install

    Can you take a couple pics of you TC setup?
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    Questions after torque converter install

    Without the spacer behind the driver on the engine, the belt would also not be straight.
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    I have a vt-8 super bronc, looking for parts, seat, front shocks, rear suspension

    user chatten63 is your super bronc connection. He's a good guy to work with.
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    Why is it?

    Couple of links.
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    Gordy's Hill OHV Area, Socorro,New Mexico Ride on a Hawg Ty

    What awesome rides you go on, very nice!
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    This tube hanging out of the carburetor?

    If you look at the fuel bowl, is there a screw near where that hose attaches? On some, you can remove the gas in the fuel bowl like to make ready for the end of riding season. You have to be careful though, sometimes that screw is hard to remove and seal again after removing the old gas from the...
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    Comet TAV2 30 / Predator 212 Pulley Alignment...???

    It may be just the picture, but t looks like the backing plate is being tweaked by pressing up against the head and making the backing plate not straight.
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    Is this normal belt wear for a new torque Converter?

    How did the TC perform vs. your previous centrifugal clutch?
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    Is this normal belt wear for a new torque Converter?

    You will see some dust, but the Comet belts last longer than the non-Comet. Even the non-Comet they seem to last a long time.