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    Where's the barn at? Good way to beat the winter blues...
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    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas from WI, the grass is showing, warm temps, maybe a Rupp ride on Xmas....
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    Azusa mini bike build with my kids

    Alot room left for mini bikes!!!! I like the collection.
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    My winter project #3

    @mustangfrank Thanks, a bad paint mix from a old project, couldn't see letting a $100 of paint set on my shelf.:)
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    My winter project #3

    Took it for it's first ride (middle bike) alot zip for a 5 hp, a couple little things and should be complete. Hmm, what next ?
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    brake arm

    Looking for a rupp brake arm, 1970 Roadster, pn 13783.
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    My winter project #3

    Trying to figure out posting a video
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    My winter project #3

    Well finally, three pulls and it popped off. Now, finish putting all together.
  9. Winter project 3

    Winter project 3

    First startup
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    HS40 RUPP part 2

    Kind of resurrecting an old post but entered in my first car show yesterday with the 70 Rupp. Took Best in Class.....
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    My winter project #3

    Definitely aware of Blackwidow Motor Sports, hoping to find a used one, if not, we'll get a shiny new one.
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    My winter project #3

    Getting closer, focus on mounting and lining up the Series 20 next, need to make the TC brkt and get that mounted. Might be looking for a 70 Rupp chain guard, the one I have is pretty trashed.
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    My winter project #3

    Started assembly, finally ...sprockets line up, next on the motor and get everything else lined up. Need to fire up the 5hp.
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    My winter project #3

    Well, finally got it painted, used up some paint from a previous project, not original to the bike but original to my project Used some 2K max for the finish.
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    My winter project #3

    got my new exhaust, Robertson Torque Tubes, getting the frame ready for paint, things are coming together.