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    Thanks Havasu Dave, those look nice. The Flea was modified from owner in Kansas. Picked up locally, I have a rebuilt Hodaka 55cc motor...
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    Thank you Havasu Dave. I reached out to him. Seems from Forum you know Slow Greg? I met him at Peirson’s annual event last spring, one...
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    Hi Desertrat, Yes, there. 99% complete. I have motors & carbs rebuilt by a Hodaka specialist so ready to drop in. I have SMS...
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    Hi Everyone, I have 4 mini's needing fully restored. I'm in San Gabriel Valley (LA area) and like to find someone that enjoyed working...
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    Hi Byron, I would be. Can you send photos to my cell at 310.975.4732. My focus is Hodaka or yamaguchi powered bikes/mini's. Might you...
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    So I was fortunate to pick up this altered Flea. Had read Bug bought some Hodaka 55cc & 80 crate motor from PABATCO in 63-64’. I have...
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