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    need help dont no what modle or what motor goes o. it i need sum help or i wanna selll its a 1965 alll i no plz help or buy 541 281 4744

    This was listed on ebay as a Packer. A different model, no idea if the drive train was the same..
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    My uncles old minibike

    Trail Horse E Z Rider. The exhaust goes to the rear. It rests on the bar and clamps to it. The exhaust then turns up at the same angle as the sissy bar. There is a pic of mine in the media section. Can't remember the model numbers, but they made 3 versions: rigid fork, internal spring...
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    Any idea what this is?

    Cushman wheels, axles, front brake, and fork. Cushman forks were brazed in the 40s. Pencil springs were used 1942-47 (approx).
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    What Make Torque Converter?

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    Skat Kitty help

    You need a 3" centrifugal clutch. Not common, but not rare. Glenn usually has a couple on hand.
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    What Is It?

    Wheels, tires and front suspension are Cushman, frame is not. There were a couple of manufacturers who bought Cushman parts and used them on their bikes. Since Cushman parts were plentiful and readily available they were popular for modifications by individual owners.
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    One speed early production Blazer?

    Your bike should have a Maximatic torque converter drive. That makes it a variable speed drive. If you do have the OEM Maximatic be aware you need to shim the drive unit to get maximum performance.
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    WTB-Glenco Mini Bike/Scooter-

    Jim's Scooter parts in St Paul had a really nice original for sale. I saw it about a year ago. 612-868-6685 Dick
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    Chief Mini Bike.

    Actually, I think it's a Sensation. I have a Manufacturers Statement of Origin for one. Don't know for certain, but Fimco bikes may have been re-badged Sensations. Fimco is still in business. They make sprayers.
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    WTB: Toyoco Aligator parts, Scat Kitty Exhaust Elbow, Sears Roper 2 Speed Mini Bike

    The Skat Kitty elbow is machined from a street ell. An off the shelf elbow will probably not be satisfactory. Originals are impossible to find. A zinc-plated, machined repro with special nut is available.
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    Hiawatha Doodlebug dimensions

    Wheelbase = 36" frame height = 15.25" Handlebar width = 21.5" from end of bar to end of bar. Good Luck Most parts are available as reproduction. I get parts from Jim's Scooter Parts in St Paul. He is the only full stocking dealer. 612-868-6685.
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    Skat Kitty repro parts

    A friend recently made a couple Skat Kitty parts. Parts are located in Seville, Ohio. Kickstand, zinc plated, $25 plus shipping. Exhaust elbow and nut, chrome plated, $60 plus shipping. High quality repro parts.
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    what do these rims go to?

    They are 12" Hawk wheels. Used on their Pony Cycle scooters, their Wards scooters, Simplex Compact Seniors, and some trail scooters. Prone to having the brake backing plates cracked. Looks like original blue paint from a Pony Cycle.
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    Tecumseh ID plates

    Dennis Carpenter Cushman Reproductions sells a bag of 10 Name Plate Rivets for $1.95 plus shipping.