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    Chrysler/West Bend 820 flywheel screen

    Thanks for posting Don't think that is what I am looking for. I've added some more pictures for reference.....
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    Tires 4.00 X 6 recommendation

    Coker Trials 14x6
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    Found this Gem today.

    The front fender decal is accurate.That's an MTD. The slant engine mount combined with the rigid rear frame and unique looped handlebars are all indicators.
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    Chrysler/West Bend 820 flywheel screen

    I really appreciate the help. Unfortunately Frank does not have the screen I am looking for. The search continues!
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    Chrysler/West Bend 820 flywheel screen

    Thanks for the reply. Any idea how to actually contact him?
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    Found some info here... This original Sno-byke is one of 13 made by Sno-Byke, Inc in Minneapolis, MN. They could be purchased in red or yellow. It is powered by a 8hp,134cc Chrysler engine, has an 8 inch wide track with a...
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    Yes it's a Snobyke. I believe it's a 1971. Anybody have information on these?
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    Chrysler/West Bend 820 flywheel screen

    Looking for the screen that protects the flywheel. It is formed to fit around the starter cup as seen in pics. Let me know if you have one. Thanks
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    what is it ?

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    Arctic Cat Screamer Exhaust

    And the Screamer.
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    Arctic Cat Screamer Exhaust

    haha I never thought about it in that way....
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    My $30 Lil Indian chopper

    Got to love those choppers. Especially those $30 dollar ones lol
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    Opinion, Paint this Rupp or leave it....

    Over the years I've really grown to appreciate and prefer original bikes. They are only original once. That bike earned those scuffs and corrosion over it's 50 years of life. It would be a shame remove it in my opinion. It gives it character! Now, sometimes a bike is so far gone or someone else...
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    Chrysler/West Bend SA 825- What is it?

    Hi Doug. I am know of 2 of these bikes to exist. There are several indicators on the frame that make them unique, with the engine plate being the most obvious. It's a flat plate with 2 triangular gussets instead of the single formed plate. I have plenty of pictures but would need to take more if...