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    Gemini scrambler b4

    Gemini Scrambler B-4's are worth exactly what someone is willing to pay. Pull starters and clutch covers are readily available.
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    WTB: MiniCycle magazine - March 1972 issue

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    Any ideas?

    Early MTD perhaps?
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    Arctic cat

    Yes there is. @ruppking
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    100% Original 1971 Black Widow RUPP

    That bike is very desirable, and with it being all original and such nice condition you should have no problem finding someone to pay top dollar for it.
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    Arctic cat

    That bike could be pretty easily restored and or made pretty nice, if you wanted to put some time and money in to it. Is it worth it? That is up to you to decide. The parts you are missing are all available. The parts you have are decent looking and could be cleaned up and used.
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    Arctic cat

    1971-72 Arctic Cat Climber. Missing the headlight and correct fiberglass drive guard.
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    The Ultimate

    I recently bought the "ultimate" "Holy Grail" "Unicorn" Arctic Cat mini bike... 1970 Arctic SSScat II ST, with 134cc 8 HP Chrysler engine from the factory. Actually, it might be a 10 HP from what I was told. Model#: "EXPERIMENTAL"
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    WTB: MiniCycle magazine - March 1972 issue

    Yep I know. And no he won't.
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    Industrial shelving would work, and you can go really high depending on how much room you have.
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    WTB: MiniCycle magazine - March 1972 issue

    Looking for a copy of MiniCycle magazine, March 1972 issue. Please let me know if you know of one available. Thank you Mike
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    Get the Mutt Cuts van to go with the bike that sold last summer

    "chicks love it, it's the Shaggin' wagon"
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    Saved one from the smelter

    Cool! This bike now has a great story to go with it about how and why it still exists. Make sure that the story stays with the bike.
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    My new Rupp Enduro

    Looks factory fresh. Nice work
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    fastest "out of the box" vintage mini bike?!?

    Technically, the Silver Shadow did not have spoke wheels. You have to get in to the 14" wheel Speedway bikes to get spoke wheels.:)