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    Artic cat eliminator mini bike

    Arctic Cat never made a mini bike called an "Eliminator"... Climber? Screamer? Prowler? Whisker? Ramrod? SSScat?
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    OldMiniBikes avatar's and name ID

    Username: The sound that a 2 stroke engine makes. Avatar: I have 6 Arctic SSScat bikes
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    Restored 2008 Baja Warrior

    Very cool. A tribute to your time served with a fun twist. Thank you for your service.
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    West Bend/Chrysler 820 TAV

    Nice looking bike and parts! Is the Chrysler engine model 82019? Any interest in selling? Mike
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    Here is 2 of them.
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    Opinions Needed

    All I see is an International Harvester Scout!:cool:
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    Chrysler/West Bend SA 825- What is it?

    What you talkin' about Willis? That information is common knowledge. The information I was seeking was about the SA 825 engine that came on my Experimental SSScat/Screamer prototype.
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    Getting my mini bike back from when I was a kid

    Bike looks pretty complete and original. Thats where the value is my opinion. Might clean up decently too. I dont think your numbers are out of line.
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    Arctic cat screamer

    Is yours missing? Damaged? Do you have the flex pipe and muffler?
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    Chrysler/West Bend SA 825- What is it?

    1970-71. My mistake on the Nikasil. I was going off the information in post #12 of this thread.
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    Chrysler/West Bend SA 825- What is it?

    UPDATE: Finally got around to trying to start this pig. Engine had spark already which was good. Upon inspection, the cylinder and Nikasil appeared to be smooth without any chips or damage so it was decided to go through the carburetor and try to fire. Pulled several times and adjusted...
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    Head light for Artic Cat SSSCat

    1970 ssscat did not use a speaker brand headlight. They used this one. I do not know the manufacturer.
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    Getting my mini bike back from when I was a kid

    Per the forum rules, estimated values are not supposed to be given....especially without being able to see it. The bike is literally worth what someone is willing to pay. With that said, I am very familiar with Climbers. If you want to send me a picture I might be able to help you.
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    All original SURVIVORS

    Sell it? Ride it? Stare at it and drink beer? With it being as complete, clean, running, and original that it is you could potentially find a buyer.