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    Bird Golden Pinto for sale.

    I can't figure out how to edit this thing lol. OK, maybe possible to do a half way meet or something like that but sadly I can't ship it.
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    Bird Golden Pinto for sale.

    Hello all. One of several bikes to be going up for sale. This is a Golden Pinto that I did I believe in 2016. It is powder coated and the gulf stickers are vinyl and not under clear in case some one may wish to remove them. I did this as a Gulf bike but it easily can be a Richard Petty bike...
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    Golden Pinto wheels

    I would strongly urge 90 degree stems. Others may have different ideas. You can see the front tire on mine above with a 90 degree stem. Doc
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    Golden Pinto wheels

    It's been a while since I looked at it but I am 98% positive my Pinto has 6" wheels. It's a funny color Pinto LOL!
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    where you from ?

    If it's "where are you from", then it's The Outer Space. Doc
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    Happy Birthday "Doc"

    Thanks guys. And Manchester, I'm thinking about it. Last year I had no one to take me. I'm working on it for this year. Doc
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    Hey Phil, get better my friend. I did this 3 years ago. Took quite a while but it was beyond well worth it. You will be fine and one day you will wake up with no pain and feeling good. Give it time!! You'll be back better than ever. Doc
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    Super bronc build diagram

    No PDF that I am aware of. Rick Chatten (Chatten63) has them for sale. Doc
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    Carter brothers sportster model 1006-3015 Here is "The most hated minibike" thread :scooter::cool::rolleyes:
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    Carter brothers sportster model 1006-3015

    Well Joe, you picked probably the most hated minibike on the forums lol! I bought mine new in 1999 and I love it. You will find that others aren't so enamored with it. Having said that, you have one of the most solidly built, fastest factory bike using a 4-stroke lawn mower engine. It's an...
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    What is this mini bike, I think it's a fox but I don't know the model

    They put the jack shaft provisions on all those frames but to my knowledge only the Trailbug had the jack shaft. Doc
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    Winber 2019

    Was it white? Doc
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    Happy Birthday

    Hi everyone! Wow, thank you all for the good wishes. So far the day's been pretty good! Better after seeing this thread!:D Anyway thanks again! I appreciate you all.
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    Dial indicator for timing

    ...and here I thought you were passing wind. :laugh: Doc
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    Super broncr vt-2 complete bike part out

    Cap'n hasn't been on here for almost a year. Doc