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    Bendix 5” brake

    Thanks got one one the way from them.
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    2024 Old School Minibike Show

    Here is flyer
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    rechomed parts

    Just my parts in from the chrome shop!. Next gotta get the frame ready!
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    Bendix 5” brake

    Need Bendix 5” brake assembly
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    What do i have?

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    Cat eliminator

    That was to nice to part out! But what can ya do.
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    Cat eliminator

    I got my oldest son into mini bikes a few yrs ago. He came home with this cat the other day. Was 30min from home. Rear brake cable was ran wrong and had the wrong back tire. We fixed that today.
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    What is this?

    Rupp hustler
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    Vintage Motorbike Club Portland Indiana Meet

    yea it would have been nice to have met u.
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    Vintage Motorbike Club Portland Indiana Meet

    It’s been a fun week with my boys
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    What is it?

    Manco trailcat
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    HS40 cam upgrade

    I run the 255 with dellorto ub20 it’s great
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    Wanted. Tecumseh front tin.

    Have one on a h30 u can have. Let me know it this will work.
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    Sears on ebay

    Um I’m in Nicholasville also.
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    2 super trykes

    Granddaughter loves it. These are fun to ride!