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    2 super trykes

    Picked these up yesterday. Both need some cleaning but the both run. One is 16hp other 12.5hp both Briggs. Just need to find the right size belt for both.
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    Scat-Bat Mini-Bike --- My first entry into Mini Bikes

    On off switch by the seat. An that’s a band brake around the clutch.
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    Scat-Bat Mini-Bike --- My first entry into Mini Bikes

    This is a original I sold. It came with a hs40.
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    Rupp 2-speed clutch & jackshaft installation

    Take chain to rear sprocket off. Take snap ring pliers to get snap ring out of its grove. Slide snap ring towards sprocket. Next push bearing towards s sprocket. Now u can move hole assembly towards the side you moved the bearing back enough to get other side out. Make sure motor is push back so...
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    Huffy hustler

    Yes some are very pricey. Lucky this one wasn’t!
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    Huffy hustler

    Went to Portland show found another huffy roller. Used the lower forks and tire to finish this survivor.
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    Rupp TT500 score. I have questions.

    Chains are fine they are like that on my roadster and goat. Never had a problem. Just took them on a 50 mile ride at the Portland show.
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    Huffy hustler

    Tire says 4.00-6 carlisle
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    Huffy hustler

    No they cut 3in off the lower and put bigger tube over
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    Huffy hustler

    My boy brought this home. Huffy hustler model 910. 2 speed 4hp lighted . Everything works. Having lower forks made just like originals. Just need to find matching tire
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    69 roadster

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    Carlisle tire

    Need A good used Carlisle tire 4.00-6
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    69 roadster

    1969 roadster h70 dellorto mb22a. Tank has been rechromed clutch cover is awesome. Front trim ring is nos general tires were nos put on last yr. Powder coated orange. Everything works. Located Nicholasville ky. $3000
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    Rupp mini bike but what model?

    1968 one piece engine plate. What rear brake do u have is it disc. Probably a c-500
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    Speedway TC

    Look at link read thru it