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    Chrome shroud

    My new find I got today
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    Already gone sorry

    Already gone sorry
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    Rupp digger

    Added the header pipe today.
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    Rupp digger

    My rupp digger. Bike not original but the h50 an 2 speed it runs great.
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    Rupp c350 rear shocks

    Need a decent set mine are wrong
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    Rupp c350

    Finished just except for gas an fuel line
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    1000 don’t even have the original motor! Geez mines all original except the motor decals. I have nowhere near 1000 for it
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    Rupp c350

    Front end put on. Fenders not original but this is for daily rides
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    Rupp c350

    Been working on this rupp c350 with a 1970 hs40. This will be for me an my 12yr old to ride the neighborhood. Haven’t put the front fender on still waiting for the tire to be delivered. Only thing is the tank still haven’t found one. Any leads on a good
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    Rupp c350 tank

    Need a good usable tank
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    Were u located

    Were u located
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    Speedway scarab

    Yeah i wouldn’t doubt it!
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    Speedway scarab

    On my way back from vacation stopped had lunch an while eating seen this for sale in my hometown. Tank is clean and both front rear brakes are there.
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    Another project

    They never show up around here everybody hates them when I ask. You can find Briggs all day
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    Another project

    Finally found a hs50 to on marketplace local. Now gonna get some decals for the engine.