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    My rupp diggers

    First digger is repainted new seat with h70 with 2 speed an pipe. Second diggers is stock original h50.
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    Trying to ID this one.

    One or the other
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    Cat99 driven

    Looking for nos or nice 6in cat99 driven.
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    Things to do while you are in quarantine

    Got them out for a ride with my boys.
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    another HS40 project

    That’s gonna be nice!
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    H50 30755 flywheel

    Need a big block 30755 flywheel.
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    Picked this up last week. Cleaned it up waxed the paint which shined up decent. Repaint engine an got a new belt. rides pretty good. Handlebars were black I stripped it off no chrome underneath so I went with the closed red I had for now.Now just finding the clutch cover.Bike
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    The ad said "Old School Minibike"

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    What bike do i have here?

    dang I forgot about selling u that clutch!!!
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    What bike do i have here?

    I use to own a Harrison till I sold yes ago who knows were it is now.
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    Clutch guard for k&s

    Need clutch cover for my bike I’m redoing
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    K&S ?

    Pick this up yesterday k&s deluxe. Did the come in red. Got the engine of an running.
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    what do I have?

    Sold mine last yr
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    Heald vt5

    Yes mount holes were the same. Bolted right up.
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    Heald vt5

    Were u had the spring mounted I made that the top hole. Then drilled the spring mount hole.