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    Azusa frame kit

    I recently purchased an entire kit and a frame and fork iff of craigslist for $100. It was purchased about 10 years ago and the frame started to flash rust from being stored in a basement. A friend sandblasted epoxy primed and sprayed both frames for me. My 10 year old son helped me put it...
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    Gilson/Wards/Allis Chalmers chrome guard

    Gilson/Wards/A.C. chrome chain guard. Someone drilled 5 holes in the guard I assume to mount it (see photos). The mounting bracket not included. $225 shipped PayPal prefered. Thanks for the add OldMiniBikes!
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    What exact of trail horse is this?

    Not sure, but it's probably some type of late 60's automotive (Mopar,Ford,GM etc) color.
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    What exact of trail horse is this?

    My gto1500 original color
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    While strolling through the junkyard. Help Id.

    37 Chrysler Airflow
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    1971 Rupp Roadster2 resurection.

    Beautiful bike!!! Like Karen said try 0000 or steel wool and wax on the wheels. You'll be amazed at how they will clean up. As for the dent in the tanks, that's a pretty common sight on a RUPP. It's from the handlebars kissing the tank at some point. Personally I would leave the dent. It's a...
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    Ruttman Spyder ID

    1973 according to the engine tag. That's a beauty! Don't restore it, just clean it!
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    Looking for Information from Bonanza Experts

    You see the blue paint inside of the handlebar tube.
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    Cadman's Bonanza

    I think OldMiniBikes warehouse has correct drum brake for that sprocket.
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    Cadman's Bonanza

    Screen shot from an old post. Look at the second picture. Bendix brake is used. **Edit this one may be a mb300. Just notice the Springer forks.**
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    1 inch exhaust flex house (Heald, Heathkit)

    *Double post*
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    1 inch exhaust flex house (Heald, Heathkit)

    I just found a 17" long piece of this in my shop today. It's 1"outside diameter.
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    Rupp Model ID help.

    Also there could possibly be a sticker still underneath the seat pan. If it's still there, it would indicate 1972. 1973 and up would have a serial number stamped in the side of the seat pan on the torque converter side between the 3 and 4 ( left to right) seat pan snaps.