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    Help Identify This Mini Bike

    Need help Buddy is trying to restore this bike he had as a kid Came with Tecumseh two stroke and torque Convertor
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    Need Help Locating Someone In Zion PA

    I want to purchase this gentlemans truck Have tried emailing no reply??? He states he lives on Zion back road which isn't that long maybe someone near Zion can help me acquire this gentlemans number nice finders fee (PayPal) will Be rewarded Here's the ad...
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    Bonanza Mibike With Torque Convertor And Tecumseh Engine Nice Winter Project

    400$ Shipped Nice Winter Project Send Me A Message For Any Questions Or If Interested
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    Storage Auction In Michigan With 4 Go Carts And 5 Mini Bikes! March 18 2014!!!

    Blair Auction & Appraisal, L.L.C Treasure anyone? Thought I would put this up maybe someone here can check it out and see what's up :drinkup:
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    Its All Original LOL
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    HS40 or HS50 wanted

    I have a minibike correct HS50 with the bearing in the sidecover. Ran great when put on my shelf last spring. Cosmetic wise it looks like any original 40 year old mini bike engine would, black paint has its scratches, chips, maybe even small dents etc. Send me a PM if interested.
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    Harrison Wildcat....5 minutes away

    Hate when that happens, CL is full of people like that unfortunately.
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    HS50 Rebuild

    Nice Header And Wrap, Motor Should Sound Great. This engine if it runs should give you enough power you wont be disappointed. If you do tear it down again and you already have not installed a billet rod I would totally recommend it, there available for an HS50 and are about 60-80 bucks shipped...
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    too many zeros - roadster

    Very well said :), it doesn't hurt to try if it sells great! My pockets will love me more. If it doesn't great! Il get to keep on smiling while I ride this bad boy everywhere saving tons of money on gas lol.
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    Cat and Tecumseh Parts Wanted

    Il sell you a metal tank for your engine with brackets, its in pretty good shape no rust inside, red in color for 35 shipped to you. Let Me Know If Your Interested.
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    Chrome Cougar Minibike Great Deal

    True that, seller said it needs nothing.. And it clearly does according to the picture maybe that can be used to bargain against him or her.
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    Chrome Cougar Minibike Great Deal

    Yes powerdyne in Rhode Island
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    Chrome Cougar Minibike Great Deal

    Correct Rocco, I still have that mower for you I couldn't make it to that swap. Lol that's funny because my brother's first minibike was a cougar just like this with the Tecumseh and Salsbury 330 and I would always get outrunned by him lol on my sears roper. Someone needs to get this bike and...
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    Chrome Cougar Minibike Great Deal

    Vintage Minibike/ Mini bike
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    Tecumseh Kick Starter

    Still For Sale.