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    Briggs 5hp cuts out at full throttle

    First off...thanks everybody for the info...because of you I have a few things to try when I get home Monday... will post as soon as i get started....can't wait
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    Briggs 5hp cuts out at full throttle

    I have Briggs 5hp snow blower engine on a doodlebug with a clone mikuni carb when I open the throttle all the way it cuts off..I should mention how I have it mounted it doesn't stand straight up....any suggestions?
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    I got beef with a predator and I have a 148cc help

    I have a doodle bug with a Briggs snow blower's very punchy and easily kicks on stock doodle bugs and motovox ... until someone brought a I can barely keep up....I've already taken the governor off and I'm about to order some new valve springs (19lbs I think) and one...