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    bird wren kick stand

    looking for a bird wren kick stand
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    bird thunderbird gas tank

    still looking for this tank, thanks
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    bird thunderbird gas tank

    thunderbird or nighthawk
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    briggs throttle linkage

    thanks Doc I want to use the original set up if possible and I have a nice 5 hp industrial cast iron sleeve motor that I wasn't sure if it would be a good mini bike motor but your picture answered that question also thank you
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    bird thunderbird gas tank

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    briggs throttle linkage

    it is throttle kit #426774 and as far as leaving the governor installed is it a wise choice or no on a stock motor? this is the first briggs that I was going to clean up and try to put on a frame, I have seen a few bad pics of the linkage and have an idea of what I'm going to do but I would...
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    Montgomery Wards - build

    looks good, you guys did a nice job.
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    briggs throttle linkage

    I picked up a briggs throttle linkage from OldMiniBikes but it didn't come with any diagram or instructions. this will be my first time using a briggs motor so the throttle linkage is all new to me, I did check past conversations but I couldn't find the kit that OldMiniBikes sells in use, I have several briggs...
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    Check it out.

    that's my kind of garage sale, sweet.
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY minibike Dan 1980

    Have a great day Dan and enjoy the day
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    Happy Birthday Skipp

    Have a great Day Dave, good day to play with your toys HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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    what is it? ?

    handlebars is how I noticed but I didn't know what I was looking at until you told me bird nighthawk, thanks
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    what is it? ?

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    Tecumseh on a Renyolds minibike

    well you might as well dump it on me for the 100 and run with the 25, lol good score
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    bird thunderbird gas tank

    anyone have a gas tank for a Bird thunderbird?