What a Shark ion robot r75 has that a typical robot vacuum doesn’t

You may think robot vacuums are similar. They’re all robots, so they must have the same features, right? But chances are some robot vacuums don’t have a specific feature to help them perform better than others. So, which feature you should notice in a robot vacuum, and what makes a Shark Ion Robot 750 Vacuum better than a typical robot vacuum?

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But for now, let’s find out what is interesting about the Shark Ion Robot R75 in these Shark Ion Robot reviews below.

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Standard Features of a Robot Vacuum

Not just the Shark robotic vacuum, any type of robot vacuum must have these standard features:

Automatic navigation: a robot vacuum must be able to operate by itself, which means no human physical contact for it to move. To do this, a robot vacuum has to have a navigation system with a sensor to detect obstacles and steer away from them.

A good robot vacuum - like the Shark Ion Robot RV750 - even has sensors to detect stairs and ledges to prevent it from falling. The navigation system also plays a massive role in creating an efficient route to clean around the room. It must not leave any spot unclean and not run over the same place several times.

Cleaning system: robot vacuums are pretty humble in size, which makes them move around easier. But the cleaning system must be powerful enough to pick up debris and dirt from the floor or carpet, the suction power must be strong enough to collect unwanted particles.

Last but not least, the brushes must be flexible enough to sweep corners and tight spaces. The ability to go under furniture, like how the low-profile design works for the Shark Ion Robot 750 robotic vacuum is also worth considering. This feature affects the cleaning efficiency a lot.

Dustbin capacity: for a robot vacuum to automatically operate and involve as a less human force as possible, sufficient dust bin capacity is also essential. Imagine your robot vacuum getting filled so quickly that you have to take the trash out constantly. How annoying can that be? It also interrupts the cleaning process and no one likes that. So a large dust bin capacity can save you from a lot of trouble.

Self-charging: every robot vacuum comes with a charging dock. But not every robot vacuum can return to the dock after finishing cleaning if it runs out of power. So, having a smart feature on this aspect helps you stay out of the robot vacuum hunt. It’s also important to have a robot vacuum that can work for a good period of time. Charging will interrupt the cleaning process and cost more time to finish the job.

Control system: a typical robot vacuum can work with a button, or remote control, via a phone application or through a wi-fi network. The Shark Ion Robot Vacuum R75 with Wi-Fi (RV750) obviously uses a wi-fi connection, which makes controlling a simple task. But other typical robot vacuums may require a limited distance to control, which is less convenient.

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum Reviews

With all the standard stuff has been said, let’s see what makes the Shark Ion Robot™ 750 connected robotic vacuum stand out from typical robot vacuums:

Smooth maneuver: Shark Ion Robot RV750 has sensors constantly working on scanning the surroundings while doing its job. It will stop the robot vacuum before bumping into obstacles and find another way around it.

The navigation system will analyze the surroundings to find the best cleaning route. Different from typical robot vacuums, Shark ion robot rv750 can avoid stairs and ledges. A special sensor will detect a ledge and send an alert to the vacuum to steer away from it. This feature saves the Shark Robotic Vacuum from damaging itself, reducing noise while working and freeing you from having to supervise it.

Effective cleaning result: all robot vacuums have cleaning systems, but for them to work effectively they may require a special design. The Shark Ion Robot 750 robotic vacuum has a tri-brush system, which helps sweep the surface more throughout even corners.

The roller brush will then collect all the debris instantly and the suction power will suck them into the dustbin. Typical vacuums may not be powerful enough to collect all the dust, or not able to sweep as efficiently. Who would want a cleaning device that can’t handle its task gracefully, right?

Large dustbin capacity: Shark designers worked hard to improve dustbin capacity in the humble-sized Shark Ion Robot RV750 because we know it will give you more advantage. If you have a large house, a big dust bin capacity can save you from emptying it frequently. A typical robot vacuum with a low capacity dustbin may require more effort to empty the trash.

Long battery life: this feature makes the Shark Ion Robot RV750 work more effectively. The Shark Ion Robot RV750 can work for longer than typical robot vacuums. When it’s low on battery, it will automatically return to the charging dock. The battery also lasts for quite some time, so you just have to replace it once in a while.

Smart controlling: nothing beats hands-free controlling and the Shark Ion Robot 750 robotic vacuum can do exactly that. Besides controlling via wi-fi, which is super convenient if you can’t be around the robot vacuum, the Shark Ion Robot 750 robotic vacuum can also be controlled by voice. You can give orders through Alexa or Google Assistant. Typical robot vacuums may only have buttons, which the Shark Ion Robot 750 robotic vacuum also has but only for a sudden Internet drop.

As you can see, the Shark Ion Robot RV750 has the same features as a typical robot vacuum, but better and smarter. This aspect can determine the efficiency of cleaning tasks.

We hope this review helps you understand better the differences between a Shark Ion Robot™ 750 connected robotic vacuum and a typical robot vacuum. It’s clear that Shark ion robot RV750 - Shark ion 750 review is an excellent companion in cleaning than other types of robot vacuums. So, now it’s up to you to make a decision and bring this fantastic robot vacuum into your home, for a better cleaning experience and a more carefree life.
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