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    Lil SOB trike suspension conversion

    From the back of the seat to the rear the bike looks very robust with the added shock absorber. My concern the the area just in front of the seat where the bent tubing goes horizontal that appears to be the brunt of a lot of shock and force when he hits rough spots while riding.
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    HS50-62023 - Compression question

    I used a bench grinder remove the "bump". a Dremel Tool or a bastard file would work ass well. The steel is the cam is not very hard and was very easy to remove. Using a sanding tape might work but you really need to be aware to keep the cam surface as round as possible.
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    Predator 212 Mods - Need advice

    I run the snot out of my Harbor Freight 212 engines and run them in the desert a very long way from any help and no cell service. Keep the oil changed and trash the original spark plug as it is total crap. Add a good in line fuel filter and you'll be fine. I only run no alcohol added fuel in my...
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    What fun towing a Chipper or a Generator/welder. No idea that a company called Snowco would make that.
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    Broken Foot Peg

    The first idea is a good one. The steel bar would hold and distribute all of your weight through out the old foot peg tube. The weld would be only to keep the two ends together and support very little weight.
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    Predator 212 Governor Adjustment

    Photos please.
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    Nova Tote Gote..... New project.

    Nice. Gotta love the hand painted white-walled tires......
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    Just picked up today!!!! Montgomery Ward

    What a nice bike! You have to watch the " Throttle-Grip-of-Death" though.
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    HS50-62023 - Compression question Read the whole article I wrote.
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    HS/H 50 Lighting coils and magnet flywheel

    A minibike engine is not a motor cycle engine. The amount of current the little 5-6.5 HP engines can put out that most folks can afford to buy is about three amps. The problem is the Voltage is not stable. As the engine speeds up/slows down, the voltages goes from about 6 volts to as much as 18...
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    Well it might be gone but I had fun with it while I had it

    That would be a blast out here.
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    Honda GC 160/190 Header Pipes

    I bought one of these pipes,they are well made and thick walled.
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    National Flag Day

    Thank you for posting. Being a Vet as was every man in my family, Flag Day always meant something very special to me. 13 years ago we had a litter of Greyhounds born on Flag Day. I named then in honor of flag nicknames or persons having to do with our great Flag There was "Banner" named after...
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    Running a light with a predator engine
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    Heathkit Hilltopper broken brake bracket? Owners please help

    Thank you for the photo. It turns out it is a bracket for the chain guard that is broken off.