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    Mickey Bike Clutch Guard

    I have a repop cast aluminum one, $165. + shipping...
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    Decal Source

    I bought Trail Horse & Wards 525 decals from him several years ago; quality product & I thought his prices were fair...
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    GoodYear 2.80/2.50 Tyres - 4 Wanted Good money paid

    Got it! Tires on their way!
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    GoodYear 2.80/2.50 Tyres - 4 Wanted Good money paid

    I have a pair, 1 appears NOS, the other excellent used; Do you have a cell phone I can text pics to? Its a giant pain trying to upload pics to OldMiniBikes. I am located in Ohio, United States
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    Lil Indian Econo Build..... kinda long

    Nice job, O.J.! Fork stops are a nice touch... What are the fenders off of? They look like they fit pretty well!
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    RIP Tom Branham.

    Like O.J. said, we've been camping with Tom & his son for OVER 15 years at the Portland meet and a nicer guy you won't find. Tom & his wife Paula graciously opened their home to me several times to spend the night for the Ann Arbor meet. Tom will be greatly missed by many. Thoughts & Prayers go...
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    Skat kitty registry/serial numbers

    My Skat Kitty.....
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    Ruttman Grasshopper

    Just ship that up to Ohio & save yourself all the trouble, Joe....
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    Ruttman Chopper Sissy Bar

    Thanks for the offer! My access to my buddy's bender has been shut down indefinitely due to the Corona deal, or I would make one; hoping to find one to possibly purchase now....
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    Ruttman Chopper Sissy Bar

    Looking for a Ruttman Grasshopper chopper sissy bar; Needs to be straight & re-chromable; Please P.M. me with pics & price. THANKS!
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    Taryl. Small engine rebuild You Tube you gota see it... Love this guy!!

    You're right, O.J. - Taryl brings his entire perssona & entourage to Portland! Just one more reason it's the best event of the summer!
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    Portland VMBC 2019 Photo's

    Great pics, O.J. ! I'm already starting on 3 builds for next year - can't wait!
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    Portland VMBC National Meet and......

    Looking forward to seeing O.J. 's pics - I saw him taking a buttload of them!
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    Portland indiana 2019

    july 24 - 27