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    A few minis were at the Curtiss, this weekend.

    Wintercycle Therapy show at the Glen H. Curtiss museum, this weekend, brought out a couple Minibikes. The museum is in Hammondsport, NY.
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    Oley PA Mini Bike Show Swap and Ride May 8,9th 2020

    Always a good time. I’ll be vending/camping at both again, this year. If you haven’t been before, it’s a good one!
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    Tecumseh Owners Manual

    No longer pending. $10 in PayPal friends/family and I’ll mail it out. Or, I can bring it to WinterCycletherapy at the Curtiss Museum, this weekend, for $5 PayPal friends/family.
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    Alexander Reynolds Bushwacker Basket Case $150

    Bump. Can bring to the Curtiss museum in Hammondspor, NY next weekend.
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    What do you regret selling?

    1963 VW Singlecab pickup.
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    where you from ?

    South Jersey.
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    Is this deal available in your area?

    “Not available in your area”
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    What is it, besides for sale.

    I just created a post in the classified section, now that it’s been identified. Please, if anyone’s interested, respond to that one and we’ll let this post fade away, down the list. Thanks.
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    Alexander Reynolds Bushwacker Basket Case $150

    Needs a lotta’ love. Was stored outside, has sloppy fork/neck, missing a foot peg mount & one tank mount tab as seen in the pictures, as well as a fork spring, seat, both pegs, brake pedal etc.The incomplete motor does turn over, though. Some good parts on it. $150 in Southern NJ. Thanks for...
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    What is it, besides for sale.

    Thank you, sir!
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    What is it, besides for sale.

    Sorry about the sideways & duplicate photos.
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    What is it, besides for sale.

    Previous owner said it was a Rupp, but I can‘t find a match in the media section. Sorry, haven’t run across one of these, before. Part of a stash I bought this past weekend. Needs lots of help. One peg mount and a tank mount broken off. Steering neck/fork is sloppy. It was obviously left...
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    Steve Durham, is this you?

    Happy, belated, birthday.
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    New member with a Yankee Boss

    PM me your address, I’ll mail it out.
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    Is this cool?

    Very Cool. I love it. Just don’t tell my friends, I voted for “Clinton”. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.