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    Specific twist throttle kit search......

    You need to convert the end of your bell crank to a cable stop......They can be had almost everywhere .
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    Gas cap

    Just buy them both . :)
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    what the heck???

    I'd like to see that restored .
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    what the heck???

    I don't think it was motorized......Or that's what it looks like to me . :cool:
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    Looking for opinions on a build

    Looking good . :cool:
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    It Used To Be A Golden Pinto.......

    That came out great......Enjoy . :cool:
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    R.I.P. Gote Updraft Carb.......Any recommendations for a replacement ?

    Is there any chance you could up size bolts/screws ?
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    Any old chainsaw guys out there?

    My father said them made the best go cart motor .
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    1st one of these that I have seen.

    Don't fart around......Scoff it up . :cool:
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    New guy here

    Welcome to OldMiniBikes . :cool:
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    My 1st build

    Welcome to the madness.......We need pic's . :cool:
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    removing ruttman fork

    If I'm not mistaken there is nylon bushings in the neck......Heat might not be good.....Or just melt them out and get new ones .
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    removing ruttman fork

    If you can get the bolt to turn it will come out......Be careful not to twist the forks.
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    removing ruttman fork

    And use a six point socket .