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    Skat Kitty Exhaust

    Which series is yours?
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    Skat Kitty Exhaust

    The same person who makes the kill switch button makes exhausts
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    The Vintage Mini Bike Family Photo Scrapbook

    ssparx, I restored one of those a while back. That's a great picture! Where did you live ten, SoCal? Do you know why your folks got you that one rather than another minibike? Did your Dad have a Meyers Manx? Here is the one I restored. How did I do...
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    WANTED Skat kitty foot peg

    Model A, B, C, D or E ?
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    I bought that bike as a roller for about $100 without an engine about ten years ago in Orangevale. I think I sold it for $850 to Joe R, had no clue they could be worth that kind of money.
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    Steen's Taco Webpage

    Today I clicked on the Steens Taco website and its back up now!
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    Tote gote pulling capability?

    You'll need a hitch right down in line with the rear axle or it will flip backwards
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    Steen's Taco Webpage

    I believe the excellent Steens Taco webpage has gone down. Anyone know if that's temporary?
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    Lynx 65

    A buddy has an unrestored original I was able to get dimensions from
  10. Lynx Fork Plate

    Lynx Fork Plate

  11. Lynx Seat

    Lynx Seat

  12. Lynx Seat

    Lynx Seat

  13. Lynx Seat

    Lynx Seat

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    Lynx 65

    I just finished the restoration of my Meyers Lynx 65 and took it to the Manx Club Run at Topaz Lake, NV and had Bruce Meyers sign it.
  15. Meyers Lynx 65

    Meyers Lynx 65