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    Upright Position of Tecumseh air cleaner on my Skat Kitty

    The correct air cleaner was oval shaped
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    Do you know where I might buy a pair of the remade Trail Tamer forks?

    Do you know where I might buy a pair of the remade Trail Tamer forks?
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    I'm interested in a pair of the Carlisle double head 6", one big and one bigger
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    Skat Kitty Exhaust

    Which series is yours?
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    Skat Kitty Exhaust

    The same person who makes the kill switch button makes exhausts
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    The Vintage Mini Bike Family Photo Scrapbook

    ssparx, I restored one of those a while back. That's a great picture! Where did you live ten, SoCal? Do you know why your folks got you that one rather than another minibike? Did your Dad have a Meyers Manx? Here is the one I restored. How did I do...
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    WANTED Skat kitty foot peg

    Model A, B, C, D or E ?
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    I bought that bike as a roller for about $100 without an engine about ten years ago in Orangevale. I think I sold it for $850 to Joe R, had no clue they could be worth that kind of money.
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    Steen's Taco Webpage

    Today I clicked on the Steens Taco website and its back up now!
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    Tote gote pulling capability?

    You'll need a hitch right down in line with the rear axle or it will flip backwards
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    Steen's Taco Webpage

    I believe the excellent Steens Taco webpage has gone down. Anyone know if that's temporary?
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    Lynx 65

    A buddy has an unrestored original I was able to get dimensions from
  13. Lynx Fork Plate

    Lynx Fork Plate

  14. Lynx Seat

    Lynx Seat