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    71 Rupp brake levers

    I checked 15 Rupps and found that the Cherry wide strap levers are 6-1/8" Narrow strap levers are 6-1/4". Kind of odd ???
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    71 Rupp brake levers

    Hi Joe51, I have many original Rupps with the original Cherry brake levers made in Japan. They all measure 6-1/4" in length.
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    1971 Rupp BlackWidow in MN

    Saw this on Craigslist
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    71 Rupp rear lower shock bolts & nuts

    I have some NOS, I will include NOS conelok nuts.
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    Bearing problem- too loose

    JB Weld works good too.
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    Correct wheel bearings for minis

    Flanged bearings are for low speed use. Snap ringed bearings are generally high speed precision bearings. With that said the quality of any bearing is the buyers responsibility.
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    Rupp kill switch?

    Aftermarket kill switch. Rupp used a smaller all chrome switch in 1969 and 1970.
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    Lets discuss why the chain keeps derailing, on my Rupp Bandit

    You can replace the rear struts with shocks. You can also install a jackshaft with sprockets, just flip the rear wheel so sprocket is on the right hand side of bike. You will need to spend some time aligning the sprockets on the jackshaft to match the drive clutch and then the rear wheel...
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    Lets discuss why the chain keeps derailing, on my Rupp Bandit
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    Lets discuss why the chain keeps derailing, on my Rupp Bandit

    If your chain has a loose or tight spot or is bent, it is time to replace your chain. Rupp did offer a chain tensioner for the Bandit, so you are already on the right track with your added tensioner.
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    Mystery ‘68 Rupp Build

    It would not have a two speed as I now see it has the 60 tooth sprocket. It would be a XL-500 or XL-350. They use a jackshaft with 2 sprockets on it. Here is a link to the 1968 Rupp parts catalog:
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    Mystery ‘68 Rupp Build

    It's either a TT-500, XL-500 or XL-350. Since it does not have the original engine there is no way to tell.
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    Black Widow production numbers and range.

    Hi Bob, Have another B/W serial number to add to the list. 1 204073
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    1970 Rupp Roadster rear brake plate question

    Washer should be on the other side of the swing arm by the shock, not against the bolt head,
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    70 Rupp Roadster brake/tail light question

    Brown wire is brake light