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    is this a doodlebug?

    I would turn it back into a Streaker if it rode a bit wonky. We love our Streaker.
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    Removing tires

    I haven’t used the search function here for a while, but there are several old threads using 3/4” plywood cutouts and a press or other means of force. I would lubricate the old bead area with Gibbs penetrant. You’ll get it.
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    Skat kitty exhaust “elbow”

    The elbow is black pipe, mild steel.
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    Ok markus got a new issue

    7/32”, look real close at the float valve tip and seat
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    Wanting to build a mini bike w/a MAC 80 I have

    Metal fabcreations
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    A cool little 1970 taco 22

    Holy Grail machine for me. Nice bike
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    Wanting to build a mini bike w/a MAC 80 I have

    Bobby Hammond frame/forks. Most folks like somewhere’s between 5:1 and 6:1, we like em a bit higher. Need some more from you to get specific.
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    Took some new pics today

    We are moving to those tires asap as well. I hope they run good on wet pavement.
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    Scrub Brake....

    We weld shaped 1/4” plate to our Sears Runabout cast aluminum scrub brake plate with our Millermatic 141 aluminum spool gun and shielding gas. Works pretty good till OMB gets their inventory back-order. All I got.
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    My Friends Mini Bike I'm Restoring

    I like the way you’re thinking. I’m hoping to hear about your results. We sometimes have issues with bikes sliding excessively on new wet pavement.
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    My Friends Mini Bike I'm Restoring

    Nice work. Shouldn’t the band tighten in the same direction of rotation? I’ve never tried the set-up this way. I sure it will work just fine either way. Maybe just a myth.
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    tecumseh-ohh build

    Nice work, great attention to detail. Sometimes it’s the little stuff that ends-up being the trip hazard.
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    throttle control question

    Jeff, I googled for images of our H35 throttle-governor control and found a few good closeups. Yours should be danger close to the same. Gotta pull the shroud. Didn’t even have to open the L head manual. Steve
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    Good news,bad news predator 212

    Carb float, valve and seal. The valve seal can end up crooked in the seat casting and there u go.
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    Skat kitty exhaust “elbow”

    You can read about pipe threads, modify an inexpensive pipe tap by cutting off the first several taper threads, and tap the hole a bit bigger. Then cut the first several threads off the male NPT to fit well. NPT are tapered, move the poorly-fitting taper further up the taper diameter. Hope...