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    Bonanza Sprocket Restoration

    Nice lathe work. Nice project.
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    Trojan Mini Bike Rebuild - Can't find Front Shock/Spring

    WB Jones and Century are who I would call first.
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    Dune cycle springer joint stuck...

    Are there C-type retainer clips on the opposite bearing caps? If not, it’s likely epoxied. I would take it to an old school auto parts store and get an opinion.
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    Happy Birthday Mariah!!!!

    Happy Birthday
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    Tubing expander question

    Looks pretty light-duty. Lots of A/C tube is thin walled. How about making an expanding mandrel to fit? Make one with a long taper, like a Morse taper or Braun and Sharpe. Might require a few practices on scrap and re-positioning a few times. Automotive tail pipe expander kits start at 1...
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    What are these bearings called ?

    Sure it’s not a flat washer spacer?
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    Won't Start Coleman CT200U Mini Bike

    Valve lash?
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    Golden Pinto

    Nice. I sandwiched another piece of 1/4” to ours. Got out the spool gun. Had to strengthen the return spring a bit.
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    Hs50 stalls...

    Is Is there a filter integral to the tank fuel barbed fitting like a Honda?
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    Hs50 stalls...

    Mixture screw position?
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    Happy Birthday sonerenos

    Happy Birthday
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    Hs50 stalls...

    Have you gone thru the tec L head service manual and looked at the governor set-up? Most engines I get like yours, the previous owner has changed the governor in an effort to cure an ill. The lever/stem can be out of position, the linkage bent, and the spring might need replacing.
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    Homemade minibike tire mounting tool

    It has really helped me to clamp the bead with a padded-jaw, non-marring Vice Grip. It captures the tire bead and prevents me from making several trips around the wheel. That and some baby powder for the tube and tire. Good ideas here, thanks everyone.
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    Massive vibration on hard throttle

    I machine em after cutting off a bit from a donor crank.
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    Massive vibration on hard throttle

    I would measure the tav driver key and the crank key way and see if the tav tolerances are off. 2 1/4” is pretty common, we run Torq a vertors on that length.