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    Vintage 1970 Taco 100

    Sam packed my stuff up and sent it on its way back to me. I should see it Friday. Really excited to get this bike together. OMB emailed me with a little lead time on my order for engine parts, but that's OK because powder coat still has the shroud, axle spacers, brake baking plate and neck...
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    Aluminum casting

    a local buddy who owns a machine shop made some of these, but they were made of aluminum and not sand casted. I sold the last one i had, I can get them made but his price is quite expensive. i think i paid $40-$50 for the one. maybe he will make a better deal for quantity.
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    Simplex scooter

    very freaking cool!
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    What do you regret selling?

    1967 Pontiac LeMans 326, all orgininal interior, ugly primer paint job, but it was MINE. I sold it to a guy who took it back home to Sweden. I couldnt take his hassling any longer for the car. Now I hassle him to bring it back to the states. no i search for one of these with no luck. id trade...
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    Happy Birthday brother Ed

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    What do you regret selling?

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    meyers lynx cub

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