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    The Taco Steens never built

    Looks more like a Gordita crunch wrap instead of a taco. Alot of meat in the middle! great job!
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    SUNF Tire Black Friday Sale (through Nov 28)

    Good looking out!
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    Help identify

    oh no you took out the suspension. :rolleyes:
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    Where to start

    get it ridable with engine 1st. 2nd then figure out paint and work out all the kinks if anything pops up before painting. clean fuel tank out if need be.. 3rd enjoy what you have done to it.. dont get rid of it..
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    Tecumseh points

    you can do it. We believe in you! part of the fun is in the puzzle solving of issues and figuring them out.
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    50 dollar Minibike..what did I just buy?

    thats awesome find! you cant say no to 50 bones.. have lots of fun and enjoy that gem!
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    ford econoline van build

    Looks good Alex. excited to see it when its all completely finished! keep up the great work.. :p
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    Rascal Mini Bike Whoa!!!!

    you cant just buy 3 gas tanks from the website and get them that way?
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    James Brewton has passed.

    i will be riding next weekend and will be thinking about him and his family. God bless his family!
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    More progress

    looks good. love the frame jig!
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    Rupp Centaur Found

    have fun with it! looks great.
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    HELP! Minibike Predator 224 Revs high wanting to take off on start and dies off choke...??

    take your air filter off and see what the slide looks like. is it all the way down? is it hung up some how? needle position right? things to think about... I know you can figure it out eventually..
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    Who is well versed on Tri Rod Trikes ?

    lots of info in the files section of group may help you out.
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    Rust in gas tank?

    evaporust will get that out. i have used it on nastier tanks. worked great!
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    Trail master MB 200

    This may sound silly but take the bowel off the bottom of carb and see if main jet is indeed screwed in very lightly tight. It may of come loose and is flooding out when your trying to give it gas.. double check your mixture screw and idle screw..