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    Weekend at the Races

    The Sacramento Mile is one of those legacy races that seems to have been on the pro calendar forever. The race predates the current venue at the Cal Expo state fairgrounds. Prior to 1978 it was held a the old fairgrounds sited elsewhere in Central Sacramento. Jim Rice's famous Sacramento Mile...
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    Weekend at the Races

    Last weekend I traveled to California for the Sacramento Mile flat track race at the Cal Expo state fairgrounds and the preceding "Night Before the Mile" Pro-Am short track support race in nearby Lodi. Let's start with Friday's race. The Lodi Cycle Bowl track is a sun-baked 1/4 mile clay oval...
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    Austin Tx

    See if you can get some minis into next year's Handbuilt Motorcycle Show.
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    Happy Birthday Rapidrob !

    Happy birthday, a few days late.
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    Happy Birthday Cheezy1

    Belated happy birthday!
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    Lil Indian front fork needed

    Well that's some teaser. :D How about a photo or two, please. Hope you're well soon.
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    Weekend at the Races

    Me. too, @steven Durham. I've lived here all of my life and only went for the first time about five years ago.
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    Weekend at the Races

    I skipped going to the races in South Dakota last weekend. Even though it's a doubleheader and twice the fun, it's also very expensive to get there and to be there during Sturgis bike week. Anyhow, I stayed close to home and went with a couple of pals to see the Oregon Steam-Up. This show of...
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    Antique Comet model 805 Pick-Up Scooter.....

    What a neat scooter. There's so much to like. The tire tread design is especially appealing.
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    Hello. My new ride!

    Welcome. This is a great site. Have fun w/your new bike! The business behind this forum, OMB Warehouse, has lots of fine hardware at good prices. The service is good, too.
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    Evel Knievel Museum

    Thanks for sharing. He was an American hero.
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    Portland VMBC 2019 Photo's

    What fun! Thanks for sharing. :D
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    My Neighbor...

    ...was making a bunch of noise in his front yard with a chainsaw and chipper this morning. Seizing the opportunity I quickly got out my minibike and rode it around for awhile. I figured no one would hear me over his machines in our normally quiet neighborhood. Worked out real nice. :)
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    Weekend at the Races

    Thank you for your kind words. I'm really glad that you enjoy my work. I'm having so much fun right now. I often worry that someone will say this is all too far off topic. From a young age I've of course loved minibikes. But I've also always liked to travel and have new experiences (especially...