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    Torque converter options for Coleman CT200U-EXR-C?

    I own several comet tavs and 2 amazon china-verters. I notice zero difference between them. But that’s just me. i will say the china belts don’t last as long as the comet belts. I’m running a comet belt on my china-verter. Wasn’t due to slipping or anything else. But they do seem to handle the...
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    Smoother takeoff

    When my daughter was 11 she started on the bt200x. She would do the same. After she got used to it I told her just gas it and go. Don’t slip it. She rides around the yard pretty much wide open now.
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    Smoother takeoff

    My ct200u with a tav even with an unmodified predator would wheelie out from under me if I gave it too much throttle….yeah it’s smoother engagement but too much throttle it smoothly engaged and the front wheel came up!
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    200cc Small frame, fast pickup?

    Mini bikes are a labor of love. We all build them because we love the idea or reliving memories of a minibike as a kid. I have close to 1500 In my ct200u. Is that crazy? Probably…..ok yeah it’s crazy. But I love that bike. Reminds me a lot of my childhood bike. Are pit bikes faster and more...
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    What do you regret selling?

    I regret nearly everything I’ve ever sold….
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    Flea market find

    I also love anything old….I’m not sure the allure. But I did finally grow tired of searching high and low for engine parts. So now I just use clones. I need to find an older motorcycle to play with. I love my 2020 bike to daily ride but I’d love a nice 80s or 90s bike to play with. Not really...
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    Stripped Threads in Flathead Exhaust/Block

    Sorta unrelated story but with pull ropes. when I was around 8 dad had an old huffy tractor. The electric start broke or he was too cheap to buy a battery so he took the cover off. Put a pull starter cup on it. Cut a notch and we just wrapped a piece of clothes line around it to start. well he...
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    HS40 convert to lighted

    I get what you are saying but honestly are you gonna notice that much difference? I’ve used tecumseh motors off 25 different pieces of lawn equipment for minibikes and honestly every one felt the same regardless of configuration.
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    200cc Small frame, fast pickup?

    This bike is tillotson stage 1 with a china torque converter. 10-60 gear. It’s a beast. Accelerates pretty quick, climbs like a mule, and runs out right near 40-43mph. I have several period correct vintage bikes and this is the bike I get on to ride nearly every time. also I’ll add you don’t...
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    3D Motorsports clutch

    he is a member here and the only one I know of with one.
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    Dual predator carb set up for my 67nova

    I agree with the new EFI systems. My buddy is running a 350 with an efi live setup. He said he had 1500 in it money well spent to me! Darn thing is a best.
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    3D Motorsports clutch

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    Current Tecumseh Engine "Sham" on ebay

    Is it really that big of a deal? It’s a nice hs40 with mini bike throttle. Nice muffler. Looks clean. I wouldn’t pay that much for any motor. people post rupp on anything minibike related to hit the search
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    What ~$1,000 196-212cc mini bike should I get Coleman rb200? monster moto frame? massimo?

    The BT200X is a fantastic frame. My daughter rides hers all over the yard and such without issue. It pulls up the hills fine. Stock form they are slow, painfully slow. 18-19mph and a dream. Throw a Torque convertor on, 10-60 gearing, a stage 1 kit, and you should be near the upper 30s...
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    On-Bike Tool Kits

    A 4 way screw driver. A pair of Baby channel locks along with a spare master link is all I carry. If a repair on the trail takes more than that it’s probably not repairable on the trail