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    B.A.T. is rocking this week

    That bat stuff is where rich people go to flex. I watched a base model honda civic hatch sell for 45000 on there a month ago. No freaking way...
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    Please help identify

    Carb isn't original. I love big bikes. Have the hill topper, 2 super bronc, and I had a herters and a sears big wheel. Sold those though. I daily ride or try to daily ride a megamoto 212 pro and a coleman ct200u. Those cheap China bikes have impressed me. They will take a beating. It's...
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    Comparing 2 bikes similar build

    Added something new today. I had a spare ruxing carb from a predator. Put the .038 jet in and threw it on the clone. Holy crap it made a difference. It'll now loft the front end with ease from just rolling on the throttle. Also afterwards I put the 9/60 gearing on it and the yellow spring...
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    Please help identify

    Yours looks pretty good. I have way too many hours invested into this bike. It's been ridden once since it was completed. Ran up and down the road a few times then the gas was drained and it was put in the shed with the rest of the show pieces..on the far left you can see the front tire of...
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    BC interpretation

    Beautiful. This is one bike I've always wanted.
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    Install Tillitson 212e on a mb200-2 trailmaster

    I'm not clear on what you are asking. Should be 100% drop in.
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    Please help identify

    Hill topper was built more as an adult use minibike. The rupps of this style were for kids. I used to ride my black widow all the time. It was always super comfortable. Love the Hill is mine
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    The reason you pay so much at the Post Office

    Sounds like a typical union represented work place. I've been on the company side of a union work force for the last 20 years. It's a constant battle one way or the other.
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    1972 Rupp Scrambler on Craigslist Wis.

    What are they smoking up in Wisconsin?
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    Comparing 2 bikes similar build

    I have a yellow spring to go in. This weekend I am going to get the yellow spring in and if ups doesn't screw me I'll have my 60t sprocket
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    Got me a new kart today

    I'm jealous! I've wanted to race karts again since our local track shut down a decade ago. My part of the stimulus check went to my bike projects. Not sure what my wife did with hers. The 3 kids spent theirs on a 5 day Disney trip.
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    Coleman CT200U Disc Brake Setup?

    That may not be a coleman but I believe the same thing would work. Or maybe a wheel from a megamoto 212 would work? Factory hydraulic brakes and they work fantastic. It's a 19x7x8 tire so the rim should be the same. First time I've ever had good brakes on a minibike
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    The reason you pay so much at the Post Office

    Or is because the mail system is a dinosaur? My parents still mail in all their bills. Once that generation of mail users is gone how many people are going to be using it? All my bill statements are emailed. I check my mail box once a week. It's all junk and it goes directly in the trash...
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    Comparing 2 bikes similar build

    It's comical.... I ordered the 60 tooth. Go 9/60 and the gearing is darn close.
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    Comparing 2 bikes similar build

    Throttle opens fully. Going to drop to a 8 or 9 tooth in the front and see if that helps out. Might just be the weight issue. According to what I found on the internet it's 40lbs heavier. Doesn't seem like a lot. But when we are talking in such small hp per lb could make the difference...