66/67? Ruttman Washer

Heres another one I'm working on I think they might call it a GT150 or GT250?
How can I tell?
Ser#2638 narrow forks the 5" wheels in the pic I think were born with the bike.this still had the original Ruttman bolts & loc nuts on the wheels and fork
I sure would like to see a pic of the seat this would have had if anyone has one.
Please help. 0709200949_HDR.jpg 0709200948.jpg 8754.jpeg


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in 1967 they were single down tubed, with 4" mousehole wheels Gt140's and 240's. It more like something from 1968 /1969 This ad from November 1969 I loaded up here a few years ago shows the GT series bikes from that time frame if that helps:

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