Arctic Cat Screamer Exhaust


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For all you 820 owners, if you haven't already, look up Ryan Courts on Facebook. He is single-handedly resurrecting the West Bend 820.

He already has a lot of stuff available and is working on more stuff. With the demise of US Motor Power - who knows what that real story was? - it is pretty cool that he has taken up the challenge to not let the Benders disappear.
I am considering having the Arctic Cat Screamer mini bike muffler reproduced. I have a company that is willing to build it as close as possible to OEM specs. Is there any interest? The more I have made the lower we can get the price.
Hey Doug. I would defiantly be a buyer for one of these mufflers if you end up getting a bunch made. What are the dimensions of this? I would assume its a straight through glass pack design?