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Hi up for sale is a Very clean Bonanza MB 1210 TC.
I found the bike in Denver several years ago.At that time it was all original.But the condition needed refurbish.
I ended up selling the bike in the condition that I found it in. A very popular member and builder on OldMiniBikes purchased it from me. Midyman in Florida.
He went through the bike and the results were nice. Somehow I ended up buying the MB 1210 Tc back from him.The bike has been sitting since
so I have decided to sell it one more time.I don't have the Torque convertor guard or cover.So what you see is what you get. The bike can be picked up locally
or I will package the bike correctly No charge. Buyer is responsible for paying shipping fees.
$1400 tempImageiIPphx.png tempImageDsVTcc.png tempImageDsVTcc.png tempImageDsVTcc.png tempImageDsVTcc.png tempImageRvlMWa.png tempImageRvlMWa.png tempImage9PkFiw.png tempImages4zrav.png tempImages4zrav.png tempImages4zrav.png tempImages4zrav.png

Reno Nevada