Briggs and Stratton intek 206 ohv throttle setup question

I am currently setting up a Briggs 206 intek for a 1973 Sears runabout minibike. I have a twist throttle setup from a motorized bicycle, and I was wondering how would I best set up the throttle on this motor? Should I buy a mikuni?


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Are you planning on retaining the governor or removing it?
No governor/governor delete means you connect the throttle cable directly to the carburetor, basically.

My stance is to use what carburetor you've got, so keep it for now as it can be used.

I'm not familiar with these motors. I want to say they are just like a Honda clone; aka a Predator or similar Ironton engine, etc etc, but I don't know.

Can you show us a photo of the top where the fuel tank one sat? It might even facilitate a remote throttle setup there. Some had a throttle stop with cable clamp already installed on the governor/throttle arm.

Also, take off the black air cleaner cover and show us the carb.
Most likely, I will retain the Governor. I had thought on bypassing it, and/or using a mikuni clone. However, as from what some on here say, If I bypass it, I would need a billet flywheel and connecting rod. Doing that would cost about as much as a brand new Predator Ghost. If it came down to it, I would probably be better off selling this engine, and buying the ghost. I don't plan on racing this thing, so I don't really want to do that.
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20220824_210135.jpg 20220824_210129.jpg Here's the setup. Box stock and all original. It was bought new for a husqvarna tiller in 2006, and later installed on a wizard. I bought a New plug, air filter, and new coil coming in the mail. I may or may not add billet parts later. If I spend for the billet parts, I would might as well tear it down and go full animal.
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