Carb gas line fitting

Is the white plastic fitting on carb that gas line goes to glued or pressed in? If glued what kind do you use?

Edit, I see the complete metal fitting with white plastic piece on end that gas line goes on is sold separately for the carb so revised question is if the metal part that goes into side of carb pressed in or glued? If glued what type glue should be used?

Tried taking the old fitting with broken white piece out of carb but is really tight. Didn't want to force it unit I found out if glued, etc.

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From what I know it's a press fit??? Saw someting on Donyboy 73 On U-Tube bout it. I got one a cpl days back that I had to turn, I used a wrench to turn it, broke loose, had some green shtuff on it, I wiped it off, used Loctite 242 Blue (all I had, didn't wanna used red) when I put it back together. Mind you this was on a carb R&R on a lawn mower. Seems to work thus far... Hope that helps?