Doodle Bug Engine Adapter Plate

Mr. Pink

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I am working on my second Doodle Bug project. I didn’t have this issue on the first one as I did a frame stretch and fabricated a new slotted engine mount.

For this second build I am leaving the frame stock and installing a Predator 212.

My question is, all the engine adapter plates I see from the well known online suppliers indicate that their adapter plates requite four new holes be drilled in the frame.
Yet on eBay there are several sellers that specifically indicate that their plates require NO drilling and utilize the existing slots in the frame.

Is there any reason not to go with one of the eBay plates?

Mr. Pink

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I went with the eBay no drill adapter plate.
This plate gives me 1/4" front to back adjustment and 1-3/4" laterally.
That is sufficient to get my foot fully on the right peg, and the ability to mount the clutch either inboard or outboard.

Adapter Plate.jpg