Engine building "blueprinting" type ? camshaft travel/endplay parameters


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asking this across the board, all engine brands flathead or OHV. In regards to the camshaft travel/endplay I am wondering if anyone has ever seen any endplay parameters for camshafts listed for anything in the Horizontal small engine world. It has varied on every engine ( but not by much). Curious if say in the kart engine building world or where some of the billet side covers are used if this is something that is checked or modified and a baseline has been set by anyone.

The project I am working on requires I keep a better eye on that measurement as a change is being made. The measurements I get when I do this I feel could be reduced (usually in the+/- .020 range) , but I am not an engine designer :) and not sure how intentional that actually is. A minimum measurement/baseline can aide on how much (if any) I actually need mill down off the side cover when I do this.

Yes the clones have helical cam drive gears and with too much play the timing can change as cam moves front to back. I also had issues with the dyno 356 cam where only on the tillotson block the lifter would ride on the cam core instead of the reduced machined base circle causing the valve not to close all the way intermitently. I had to shim cam toward the side cover. These are the shims I use for crank and sidecover. I shim the cam for a tiny amount of movement.