Engine stalls out

So I have a Coleman KT196 with the small Honda clone 6.5hp. We bought it last year and it ran great for a while until it didn’t. Right now, I can get it to idle but sometimes it’s a little choppy. Then sometimes it will idle beautifully and spool up just to completely die when the axle engages. It’s like the governor is way too slow. Once it dies, I have to choke it completely and pull several times. And even then, I have to feather the choke off until it idles again.
I have already….
Drained and cleaned the gas tank. Cleaned then replaced the carburetor. Tried to run with and without air filter which is spotless anyway. I have meticulously adjusted the idle speed screw and attempted running every quarter turn. All gaskets are new. Spark plug was gapped, replaced and verified the gap on the new one.
What am I missing here?
When you replaced the carb did you put new gasket on usually when you have to full choke to get it to start warm its sucking air around the gasket start it on choke and carefully spray carb cleaner or brake cleaner around the base of the gasket engine will rev up or die if its leaking
After that check the valves