Gnarly little monster

It’s not a mini bike motor, but I figured I’d show you guys what I like to build. Started life as a zenoah g260rc motor. I got Trevor Simpson billet reed cases for it. Doug at esp did the port work which included blocking the intake port and cutting a 5th boost port in the cylinder, lightened the piston and cut his “high rev” line on the exhaust side. I’m running a +1mm striker crank and stock 13:1 dome in the head kit.
It runs on pump 93 fuel with castor 921 oil at 25:1. Frequently sees mid to high 18k rpm. The engine is around 27cc and should make just around 7hp. It’s a wild motor



Thanks. The head is on the correct way though. There’s a hole in one side where the coil mounts.
Boz Mon, does the shroud above the carburetor force air over the head? Or is it a free air engine? You have my curiosity now. Post more pictures of different angles.
Ask and you shall receive. First pic shows the cylinder. He filled the original intake port with JB weld to block it off. The silver plate you see in the pic above the carb is just a plate that makes the engine look nicer. The flywheel pushes air all around the black shroud to cool the motor, and you can see the coil mount hole on the head in the second pic.]]


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correct. These motors were race motors back in the late 90’s early 00’s when Goped racing was popular. With the pipe I’m running, it should be somewhere in the neighborhood of 7hp. Not bad for a piston the size of a quarter
Very sweet small bore case reed Ped engine! I am a Go Ped enthusiast myself and have several. What Ped is this going on?