Hello From Miami Florida Showing some of My MotoVoxDrag frames Live axle

[video=youtube_share;iQOQ7k5jTZA]https://youtu.be/iQOQ7k5jTZA[/video] I been below the radar for a while now I have some platforms of frames to play with . I hope to put some videos up of them in action. :grind::hack::weld::clap::drinkup:


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Tell me more! How much do you think you've lowered the read end? Could you tell me how far the bottom bars are off the ground? Did you rake or somehow lower the front to match? Is that a fork brace I see on the last black bike? My motovox does just over 50 now and those forks seem a little sketchy. The plan this year is to get it up to the 60 mph range. I'd sure like to do something to strengthen those forks and have been thinking a fork brace might do the trick. Any truth to that? Thanks for posting the video, I'd sure like to see more detailed shots if you have the time.