Is This a Fox AM Scrambler or Fox/Dynamark Or A Thunderbolt 150?

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I just picked this mini bike up. It screams Vintage Dirt Track Racer with it's 2.5-10 Fox Tire out back and 8 inch wheel up front with a Nitto 4.00-8. This bike has also been converted to a jackshaft via centrifugal clutch. From what I've gathered, the Fox AM Scrambler had 10 inch wheels with slightly more aggressive tires, a torque converter, 4 hp Tecumseh, rear disc brake and dual chrome fenders. The Thunderbolt 150 had the same stamped swing arm BUT was notorious for its yellow rear fender and slightly less aggressive tires. The handlebars are a mystery to me, I haven't looked at factory options. All things considered I'm bringing this thing back to its Vintage race glory with a touch of class and new parts. I'm very interested in the front fork. What can I do there? Think retro mod guys! Thanks for any help I always do my best to give credit where it is due as I am openly learning! 20211011_145213.jpg 20211011_152446.jpg 20211011_150002.jpg 20211011_145935.jpg
As other poster said original disk brakes are missing and someone converted to use aftermarket disk brake. The brake should be mounted on the 2 holes on bottom of swing arm.

Good luck finding Fox disk brakes. I've been looking for months!