Lead Sled 1971 Mercury New to Me


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1971 Mercury Monterey 400 Cleveland 2bbl 260hp all stock other than glass packs/dual exhaust 79,100 original miles. Antique tagged.
I am 3rd owner, came with copy of Window Sticker and Original Invoice and warranty plate and service records. Funny to see the prices, like you had to buy the AM radio for like $63. Car cost just over $5000 which was pretty expensive in 1971 if you think about it.
Damn nice car with original paint wear, patina. Rides like your living room couch and wallows into the turns :)

Had a '73 Merc Monterey back in early 80's and it was to this day the best road car I ever owned. Anyway this should be fun after some cleanup.
Has new master cylinder/brakes/tires/battery/plugs/wires/etc. Factory air does not work, may mess with it or not.

So got it yesterday and went to take the Wife for the first ride today, pull out, stomp on it 3/4 throttle and shortly thereafter we were running out of gas.
Or I should say we were running out of clogged fuel filter. Tank was not empty but did not know if gauge was correct. Walked back home 1/4 mile and threw in 3 Gallons of gas on hand into it, she fired up pretty quick and then went another 1/4 and started sputtering. Ohh sheet. Got off road and waited a minute fired again, went and stalled, rinse and repeat.

Managed to get it home and will replace fuel filter tomorrow.
Kinda like the old days never knowing when you are going to break down!
Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.




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My friend in high school had something similar. 5 of us could sit side by side in the back seat. He was driving to work one day and lost his brakes. T boned a cop car and smashed into a guard rail. No one was seriously injured and his dad drove the car home after vice gripping the brake line that blew and topping off the fluid.

I've been wanting to get some older car. Not a main stream collector car. I watch a lot of vice grip garage and he picks up some cool cars. He did a 70s Buick lesabre that really caught my eye.


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That could be in a sailing yacht race right up there with the Chrysler New Yorkers & Imperials ect ! LOL :D

Rockers & fenders ect. look real good,, from what I can see.
''Built like a tank''.

Perfect ''Drive in'' car. ;)
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