My favorite chrome polish.

I would like to do a quick review of this chrome polish, Quick-Glo. Jay Leno reviewed it on a You Tube video as well. Those of us with more years under our belt likely remember seeing it in stores, in cans.
I have to say I really think this product does a great job. I like that it’s made in U.S.A., and is non toxic. It also fills any pits left behind with wax to help prevent rust reoccurrence. I used the original version on the wheel shown. It had light surface rust. No, this product will not revive anything with heavy rust! I just received my latest purchase as shown. It’s the same as the original, but with a finer grit. I’ll be trying it soon. 8EC621C6-39B3-4DD2-A8F4-C914C185B07E.png 76D41866-F9DE-4029-A39A-FD52EA0058F6.jpeg