New Project Trike

New to the forum and need help
Looking to find out how to open this clutch to clean it and a belt that will fit. For the belts i have tried a Comet 40 belt from amazon but it seems to wide. The belt will not slip at all between the torque converters. I have went looking for information on this torque converter but i can't seem to find anything on Horstman torque converters.


On the driver there is a snap ring that needs to be removed. Let's see the other side of the driven, most come apart from the front. Show is a shot of the grove where the belt rides of both clutches. Maybe someone will have
an idea on the belt.
From the side picture it looks like the angle on both sheaves is the same, so that would be a 20 series belt. All of the kart websites have charts to show which belts fit based on spacing and diameter of the driven clutch. I'm my first post I mentioned the snap ring on the driver clutch which you don't
acknowledge. It will have to come off. Do you know what the snap ring is?
You will need a good set of snap ring pliers. Easy to do with the write tool.
IMPOSSIBLE to do without them. Once it is off I would imagine the three bolts also need to come off.