New Toy - Avenger 300

I'd like to restore the original 8hp Kohler K181 eventually, but after doing some peripheral examination, I've got a Shiney new 10hp tecumseh that I think will fit. This thing may get going sooner than I originally thought!
No, I don't have either. I'm not really concerned with running the light at this point. I figure I'll get them going once I've gone through the original K181 and re-installed it. For now, I'll pull start it and skip on having a working headlight, unless someone has a starter and charging setup for a 10hp Tec that they want to sell for cheap.

Other option may be to pick up an electric start predator 420, but for now I'll run what I've got.
Its Alive!

Ok, I swapped the carb, only to have it refuse to idle. After cleaning the jet, it ran well enough to test out. I've got an adjustable carb coming that should be much better.

I test fit the body, and I've got to massage the engine cover, as it interferes at the top corner and I don't want to trim the body
Got the body on and the front bearings replaced. After vacilating for a while on how to cut, bend, weld, grind and paint the engine cover to fit under the body.....I just put a pipe on it and bashed it till it worked ;).

I've got a fully adjustable carb coming next week, which should help it idle better and run smoother overall. I'll have to see about rigging the choke so I can reach it better too. Otherwise it's a blast.

I think I'm going to leave the pony on there for added horsepower.