Paint colour question

I have a Lil Indian Outlaw II chopper I am re-doing. This poor things had about a dozen "buck ninety-eight aerosol overhauls" in its life. The $64 question....can anyone tell me what shade of green "GASTRIC GREEN" is?? For some odd reason it's not listed in any paint code book...Lil Indian ads indicate this was the colour used. Is it a like a lime green or ?? Thanks! And sorry guys!'s not for sale.
I think the closes color your going to find is Lime Light Green or Kawasaki green. I used Lime Light Green on a CCS Charger Chopper I'm working on at the moment. Here is a few pics. It is an enamel paint but I don't know what the paint code was sorry. If their is a good spot of original paint take it to a paint supply store that can take a picture of it and make the paint for you. That is what I did to come up with the color I used.