Quieter shop compressor

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Been wanting to make a remote filter box for quit some time to drop the noise down that my compressor makes. Of course I overthink stuff like that an I never actually build it. I had to do the long overdue service on it, change the oil, filter, belt adjustment, etc.. and got me thinking about it again. So I was digging around seeing what I had for scrap pieces to maybe start to actually build something. Digging around for 3/4” not pipes and fittings a light bulb went off. So I grabbed a slightly used hot dog muff and welded a piece of pipe that was threaded on the outlet and stuck it inline, just doing that knocked down the decibels and took the raspy sound and gives it a lower tone. I do still plan to run a flexible tube down to an air box that can also pull cooler air in and this was just intended to be a manifold, but of course I could not find flexible tubing in a size that would work so I figured I just stick the manifold strait up with an elbow and threaded the original filter assembly on it and see what it does.... wish I would have done it sooner!!!! This might come out sideways but you get the idea

Interesting idea, I have an Ingersol-Rand industrial T-30 with a filter/dryer/cooler system I have two different intake locations one in the shop for normal use and one up above the shop for a fresh air mash when painting big projects. The round air filter has been removed for less restriction and replaced with a nipple that can be quick changed for either air intake location the normal use is louder than stock, I would keep the upper outside intake location except the sound resonates up there and my neighbors would hear it during late hours, the outside air intake is exceptionally quiet maybe it's time for a muffler.